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As a productivity geek, you can imagine that my team will either gravitate towards setting up their own productivity systems … or revolt!

It turns out that they do get interested in setting up their own task lists BUT the biggest deterrent is how long it can take to set up a complete, well-organised, mobile, task list manager.

In the recent weeks, I’ve see a bunch of post-it-note task lists show up on office doors, windows, and laptops. 😀  

We call these, our GTD walls.

In this blog post, I share the simple steps you can take to create your own GTD wall in a few minutes.

Step 1: Post-it-notes

The first step is make sure you have your post-it-notes.

I recommend at least 3 colors – one for labels, one for projects and one for tasks.

Step 2: Label

Once you’ve found your surface, you need to identify and label 3 areas.

You need space for your inbox. We usually use the left door frame for this.

You also need space for your done pile. We could of course simply throw your completed tasks in the bin, but there’s nothing like starting to see them pile up.

We usually use the right door frame for this.

And then of course, you need space for all your tasks. On the left-hand side we list all the contexts … the places where you do your tasks. On the right-hand side is where you can list all your tasks.

Here’s a recommendation of the contexts to start with:





@out & about

We also leave the top of the door for projects.

That’s the frame of your GTD wall, done!

Step 3: Mindsweep

Now just mindsweep whatever’s on your mind into your inbox.

And then for each item, identify what the very next action is.

Place that next action in the most appropriate context.

If it’s going to take more than that action to complete your ultimate goal, write the goal on the project post-it-note and stick that in your projects section.

And now you’re ready to get going.

Happy getting more done 🙂

Question for you

I’ve seen many interesting places where people create their tasks lists. What do you use?

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