4 great reasons to say No

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Ever said “Yes” … and then as you walked away and thought about your schedule you thought to yourself “No way that’s fitting in there!”?

Saying yes out of guilt or an inner belief than you can handle it all has absolutely no benefits to you, your health, your project list or those around you.

It turns out that there are some really good reasons why using this little two letter word ‘no’ more often can actually be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Here are 4 of those really good reasons:

[1] Saying no actually ensures the project is done properly.

Chances of you actually completing a new project to the best of your ability on an already tight schedule are slim.

Saying no gives the project a chance to land on the schedule of someone who actually  has the availability to complete it properly.

You would be doing the project a favour by saying no if you just do not have the time.

[2] Saying no makes you feel better about yourself.

Many of us are people pleasers and do our best to keep those around us happy.

Saying yes to people please can create a myriad of emotions that can put us down.

These emotions like worthlessness and guilt ,project themselves strongly, and can affect the way we complete the rest of our projects.

Cultivate feelings of empowerment and self control by saying no if you have to.


[3] Saying no prevents stress and preserves your very important leisure time.

In an already stressful world, additional stress should be avoided whenever possible.

Stress affects your health and productivity.

No project is worth that.


[4] Saying no builds your self esteem.

Putting your time, feelings and commitments on the back burner just to say yes and not hurt another’s feelings is a sure way to zap your self esteem.

While they get to mark  “delegate project X” off their task list you get to add on a new task to an already full schedule.

Recognize first that you are capable … which is why you were approached in the first place. And then realise that saying no means you can keep your performance standards so you will be approached again.

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