5 simple things to raise a productive kid

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Ever think what it is about the one person who always gets picked for the projects? Yep….they are responsible, productive…and get the job done.
The coveted team player.
Do we want to see a world with more responsible and productive adults?
If we want to see our kids become the team players, there are skills we can start teaching them now.

Here are 5 simple things you can do:

Teach them how to solve problems.
Next time your kid can’t figure out how to get something done, coach them to think of it differently.

This teaches them to not give up on a stubborn task, but rather to take a step back and try again another way.
Try giving them puzzles to encourage creative thinking or giving them a problem and letting them come up with three different ways to solve it.

Make chores visible so that they can be moved, crossed out, stamped, etc. when done.

This way your kid learns that just marking something off as done is often times its own reward
And then they get used to making note of what they have to do.
Help your kid create a schedule on paper.
It actually feels good sitting down and drafting a schedule of what you would like your day to look like – you wouldn’t want to walk in to work and have your boss hand you a schedule of your every play for the day.
Let your child own that.

Negotiate consequences with your kids –  It really is simple.

If you do ‘A’ I have to do ‘B’ to hold up my end of the bargain.
Let your kids be a part of setting consequences. Give them rope to negotiate but stay firm and make sure the consequence fits the ‘crime’.
By having them actively play a role in setting consequences they are more likely to remember what the consequences are.

Teach the pomodoro

Teach your children to focus on tasks one at a time.
Try a timer set for 10 minutes at a time to focus on the completing an assignment, reading a chapter or completing a chore.
Teaching young kids to focus on one task at a time and therefore give more attention to it can go a long way if you stay consistent.
So start with your 10 minute cherry and build your way up to your 25 minute tomato with your kids.
Did your parents teach you these things? Do you wish they had? What other productivity techniques have you tried with your kids?

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