About Me


Hi Everyone,

My name is Betty Enyonam Kumahor – but I suspect you already knew that. This is my blog. This blog is for anyone who has walked a path much like many of us. We have all had times we felt unmotivated, uncertain, insecure, incapable….a path quite like mine. Its time to see things differently. Being a woman is a chance to break a glass ceiling. Being unmotivated is a chance to refuel and do great things. Being at the bottom means you can only go one way – to the top. Every step of our journey plays a role in the next step.

So generally I write on productivity, leadership, technology and Africa … and specifically on my experiences with, and in, all three areas. There are also occasional  topics that do not fit neatly into these categories. My aim is to share with you what I have learned, and hopefully, engage in a wider conversation about those areas.

Why are these areas important to me? I experience them everyday. I have been a GTD user for about 6 years (not including my 5-year attempt to implement it!), and in addition utilise many other productivity methodologies such as The Energy Project, Power of Habit, and more. These have helped me achieve what I feel is a pretty successful career – once a Global Advisory Technology Leader, a West Africa IT Advisory Leader, both in Ernst & Young as well as a Managing Director for Thoughtworks in Africa. I currently run an IT Advisory Firm based in my home country, Ghana, known as The Cobalt Partners. We are currently expanding to Nigeria and Kenya too! It’s an exciting time to be on the African continent – there is so much promise and progress that I look forward to sharing with you

Read, take what is useful to you and make it your own. Take what you will and share with the next person. In our separate journeys, our paths still cross. My hope is to leave this world a tad better than I found it.

I will be posting twice a week, primarily in one of these three areas. I hope that you subscribe to my blog and connect via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.