From dreams to actions … Part 2: Create your vision

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The first step to turning your dreams into action is, of course, to figure out what your dreams are.

Strangely enough, this can be the hardest part.
Perhaps it’s because there’s so much coming at us each and everyday, who can think past tomorrow?
Perhaps it’s because it just seems so darn impossible.
Perhaps it’s because it seems so presumptuous and cocky to write down what you truly desire.

Whatever the case, it’s often our own perceptions and attitudes that create the biggest barrier to writing our vision … to daring to dream.

So, probably the best advise I can give anyone is –

Step 1: Give yourself the permission to dream.
And there’s really quite a practical way to think about it.

  1. No one else owns the right for you to dream, and so no one is going to give you permission.
  2. If you don’t do it, no one will. So … it IS your responsibility.
  3. If you don’t do it, it is less likely to happen.
  4. It’s fun … honest!
  5. No one else can do it for you nearly as well as you can.
  6. And, besides, no one really knows when you’re doing it anyway 😉

So not only should you give yourself the permission to dream, you should give yourself the permission to dream big, huge, AUDACIOUSLY OBNOXIOUSLY HUMONGOUS!

And once you do that, –

 Step 2: Have fun dreaming.
Remember, it’s not about tools.

Sure I found a mindmap was better than a list.
Sure I found that initially writing it down was better than typing it out.
But all that is besides the point.
You should do what’s fun for you.
Want to take a pitcher of ice tea and sit out in the garden with coloured pencils and paper? Go ahead.
Want to go hang out with a wide cross-section of your friends and toss around ideas? Go ahead.
Want to ride around the city in a trotro and imagine where you’d be and what you’d want to be doing in 20, 30, 40 years? Go ahead.
Want to take the weekend completely off and watch movies and write down what inspires you? Go ahead.
Want to do a combination of all those things? Go right ahead!

Because the reality is, once you give yourself the permission, you should also be giving yourself the permission to go to the places, talk to the people, and/or do the things that inspire you the most.

You know yourself best so figure out if you want to do this with or without others, in or out of nature, stationary or with motion, with or without inspiring resources and tools. There are loads of tools that others have created just for this sort of thing.

Just, pick what works for you.

And make sure to capture it somewhere.

Once you’ve captured it,

Step 3: Put it all in your inbox.
This is still like any other GTD® brainstorm or mindsweep or capture. Get all these ideas, wishes, dreams into your inbox. What I described is no different than the collect phase – or the first phase of the standard GTD process.

From this step, you’re joining to process and organise which are the second and third phases, respectively, of the standard GTD process.

So have confidence that all these ideas and wishes do all have a bucket or home somewhere… they won’t get lost. This should help you continue to give yourself the permission to keep going.

And keep going you should … the best stuff is yet to come 😉
Here’s a question for you: 
What your favourite and/or surprising items from your dreaming sessions??
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  • Scott Gabel says:

    Hi Enyo,

    Great post! I understand completely what you mean about dreams and trying to think past tomorrow. What i constantly get caught up in is always doing what is latest and loudest in my life, and I’ll let that run my whole day. If I don’t plan accordingly or look at what my dreams are or see that higher level view I will let latest and loudest control my day.

    You have definitely pushed me to give myself permission to dream. I seem to always put others first and I know there is nothing wrong with that but at the same time I can end up doing that so much that I won’t give myself permission to take care of myself and my dreams, goals, etc. This is good for me because I do need to step back and realize that its ok to also do whats fun for me as well. Like you said I have to remember that I know whats best for me and for me to pick whatever works for me no matter what it is.

    I love the fact that as idea’s, dreams, goals etc pop into my head that I can also process them and get them into the appropriate buckets. That was something that I always struggled with is where to park stuff like that because that stuff seems to not fit well in my OmniFocus list manager. I’m assuming that stuff will get parked into a mind map? I’m guessing I can park it anywhere so it doesn’t get lost and gets reviewed.

    • enyonam says:

      It sounds like you are very much where I was and so I’m hopeful that you’ll benefit from some of the lessons I learned 🙂

      It was important for me to remember that GTD is a set of techniques that really can be apply to any information, commitment or conversation. I’ve been able to get organised in other hairy areas just using the basic concepts of GTD. (networking / relationships and social media were two of those areas).

      To answer your question about processing, yes I process all of that stuff into my mindmap – it seems to fit there the best. Occasionally, there will be something that seems to fit into a someday/maybe list but mostly it goes into my horizons of focus mindmap.

  • Charlene says:

    I shall give myself permission to dream again

  • Carol says:

    nice thank you for sharing most informative ideas and also your good view.

  • Ser says:

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