From dreams to actions … Part 4: Horizons of Focus Tags

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Right …
You’ve got your vision separated into vision statement and vision support material.
You’ve got your vision clearly organised into categories
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But it’s still a lot to read and see at one sitting.
Whether you have this in an electronic mindmap or a paper mindmap on your wall, I recommend you go one step further and tag your mindmap.
There are three main tag groups that I use, and I will share the most important one in this blog post.
Horizon of Focus Level
Each item in my Horizons of Focus (HoF) mindmap is tagged with the most appropriate horizon of focus level.
I use coloured icons as shown below:
I generally have 2-3 statements in each life category that explains the absolute purpose in or for my life in that category. (see example below)
These often do not have sub-nodes but rather are all encompassing of everything within that life category.
I move all 50k to the top of the category so that whenever I open the category, these statements are the very first ones that I see. It serves as a good reminder of what you want to be true.
20k – 40k 
Other than my 50k statements, I simply select the horizon that seems to best represent what the statement is.

30k statements are usually 1-3 years goals
I also tag my bucket list with a 30k icon
20k statements are areas of focus or responsibility and so these get reviewed often
10k – 5k
These items do not really ‘live’ in this list. I do keep them here if I drill-down to them from the higher horizons of focus so I can get a more complete picture of how I decomposed by 20-50k.
In other words, I do not try to have complete synchronicity between my list manager (Evernote) where these items live, and my HoF mindmap.
Where i do have a project or next action in my Evernote system, I create a link to that Evernote note on the HoF mindmap item.
0k items are habits – they are things I need to do regularly and typically, will not have an end. I generally move them to routine checklists such as my weekend routine, or my evening routine.
For an example of how I tag my mindmap, here is an expanded view of my Organisation node with the ‘Black Belt GTD’ node further expanded.
Discussion Question: 
Any items in your mindmap that don’t seem to fit one or more of these tags?
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  • Scott Gabel says:

    Thanks Enyo! I can’t wait now to get my “Horizons of Focus” mind map going. I also have MindManager and can really see the value in tagging at all different levels. It’s then nice to be able to filter the entire mindmap by whatever horizon level(s) that you need to see. I also like what you did with the different colors for tagging, it makes the mindmap visually pleasing to look at.

    • enyonam says:

      Hi Scott! Great 🙂 Yes, I definitely aim to make it visually appealing so do share any ideas you have along the way about how to make it more attractive. Happy mindmapping.

  • Chris says:

    This is really terrific Enyo. Thank you so much for the pointers. I am going to assess evernote and mindmanager. How do you review 756 nodes and more? Is it a daily or weekly thing amongst your categories and projects. Thanks again

    • enyonam says:

      You’re welcome 🙂 Definitely check them out and let me know if you have any questions. It’s a weekly thing but it’s not the whole thing at once. I usually review by what I have in progress, or with the area that I am most dissatisfied with. Because I touch it every week it really does all get reviewed every month or so.

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