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Okay, one more blog post on tags. And this time …. we get a little funky with it 🙂

There are interesting / unique things you can do with tags. For instance, I have a group of tags I call #Indicator tags which allow me to view buckets of information a little differently.

Indicator Tags

I can tag next actions, projects, project support materials, reference materials … anything, with an indicator tags. They give me a quick way to filter my Evernote content. Here are a few examples of some of the indicator tags I have created.

  • #Asana – I have some collaborative projects that are in Asana. If I need to create a placeholder in my system for an Asana project or next action, I can tag the project or next action with #Asana and include a URL link to the Asana project in my Project Information Sheet (PIS). So before I even get to work on the project, I immediately see that this is an Asana project and can launch the URL while I start to review what the next actions are.
    • #ASF – If I have an action that has action support material stored in my action support folder, I quickly tag the next action with #ASF. This way, I can always filter my next actions by #ASF. Provided I am in a context that allows me to do them all, I can just clear out what’s in my folder.

  • #HPT =This indicates there is action support information in my Home Pending Tray. I use it just like I use my #ASF.
  • #Next Action = This is an interesting one. There are times when I have a single action but I do not want to create a whole project because I may not have one other action after that. In those cases, I simply add the #Next Action indicator and document the future next action, or possible future next action, in the Evernote note. When I complete the next action, the indicator prompts me to refer to future next action which I can either do right away, or park.
  • #PSF = Indicates that there is a physical Project Support Folder that relates to the project.
  • #Shopping List = I can tag items anywhere that can be added to my shopping list.
  • #Tickled = I can ‘tickle’ various next actions such as @waiting fors, @agendas, etc. so that they appear on my Google Calendar on a due date or start date.

Horizons of Focus Tags

I have 10 categories for my horizons of focus and I tag projects (i.e. project information sheets) and areas of focus (area of focus information sheets) with these categories.

This way I can always filter to see all my Beauty projects, Organisation projects, and so forth.

This, along with the project status tags (.e.g #Project – Completed, #Project or #Project – S/M) allows me to see how much activity I have in any one of the categories.

* Categories not shown are Professional (which includes Platform), Spiritual & Wealth

Shortcut Tags

I also keep have a few tags in a Shortcuts tag category that I use during the busy work day to keep a few next actions or reference information.

Quick Reference items for instance include my conference call information, flight itinerary for that day, daily review checklist.

Blog Status Tags

I like to keep an easy view of how many blogs I have to write, schedule to be posted, or have already posted.

This helps me keep up with posting on a regular basis. So, for instance, if I have 2 or 3 lined up to author in a week then I know that as long as I can plan the few hours I need to write the posts, I can keep up with my goal of 3 posts a week.

Read Location Tags

For my @Read/Review where I track various articles, manual or books I am reading, I also include an indicator of where the material is stored.

Social Media Category

And as I think of status updates I want to post to Linked In, Facebook or any of the other social media sites, I capture them in Evernote and tag them with the grouping of social media sites I would want to post it to.

  • _Personal ones go only to my Facebook site,
  • _Professional goes to Linked In, our internal company site, and a couple of others, and
  • _Universal goes to any and all social media sites.

During my morning routine when I’m getting ready to post a status update, I am just 1-click away from pulling up any random thoughts or musings I have captured that I’d like to post.

I hope these gave you a few more ideas about how you can use tags in your Evernote GTD system.

Discussion Question

Would be great to hear more about the creative ways you’ve found to use Evernote tags
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  • charlene says:

    somehow this sounds like a lot of work! but quite helpful. my tags are almost out of control 🙂

    • enyonam says:

      Hi Charlene 😉 It is a LOT of tags but I find that the majority of the work is only in setting them up. After that it’s about 2 tags per item (2 or 3 clicks) and that make the entire system navigable. Maybe there are some tips in here about how to get your tags more under control 😉

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