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Last week I found myself answering the question about the favorite productivity tools, books, and techniques multiple times. So today, I am doing a blog post to share my current list of Top 10 favorite productivity resources. I hope you find at least one or two of these helpful in your quest for improved productivity!
1. GTD Connect 
GTD Connect is an online community for GTDers from The David Allen Company. I am still amazed that the David Allen Company offers a two-week free trial to all of this site’s considerable content. I thought I would spend two weeks absorbing everything I could about GTD and then leave the website. That was about 3 years ago. 🙂 
2. Evernote
Evernote is a software tool that allows you to store notes, which can contain text, pictures, PDF, audio, and more. It is available on any platform and syncs seamlessly. I now use Evernote as my task management tool, as well as a reference system. 
3. Lifehacker
Lifehacker is a website /blog with great content on productivity. There are many contributors to lifehacker and so you get a variety of views and tips.
4. The Power of Habit
The Power of Habit is a book by Charles Duhigg that explains the anatomy of habits; how to create them, how to replace them, how to select them, and more. Don’t try to start a new habit without reading this book!
Michael Hyatt blogs about leadership and writing. This is absolutely my favorite blog – Michael has the ability to distill stories into crisp, bullet-pointed lessons and take-aways. 
6. Feedly 
Feedly presents all your feeds in a magazine-like format. Feedly replaced Google Reader for me and I cannot imagine that I tried to digest news and RSS feeds in any other format. 
7. Google Calendar
Google Calendar gives you the flexibility to show you a single calendar, or multiple calendars in one view. The flexibility to combine work, personal, facebook events, holiday calendars from around the world, and more … all in one view, has proven a valuable aid to keeping a balanced life.
One favorite tip is I keep a separate calendar of my ideal week and use that when reviewing my upcoming calendar to ensure I have enough down time planned.
8. iPad Pomodoro applications 
The Pomodoro Technique helps me bust through those lethargic moments when focus starts to seem unattainable. I usually use a pomodoro iPad application to do my pomodoros. My two favorite applications are Pomodoro Time Management (see screen shot below) and Focus Time.
9. BlackBerry Auto Shut-off 
Particularly when traveling, I can get that unexpected in-the-middle-of-the-night call that served no purpose other than to throw you off your schedule. I have my primary BlackBerry automatically shut off at 8.30pm every evening and it comes back on again at 8.00am. For family to reach me in case of emergencies, I have an emergency phone and number that stays on 24×7.
10. Livescribe 
The Livescribe system allows me to combine the comfort of writing on paper, with the ease of accessing, searching and storing notes and any related audio, in digital format.
And even though I promised a list of 10, I simply could not leave off this resource.
11. The Energy Project
The Energy Project is based on the premise that we should be managing energy, versus managing time. It recommends a series of habits to manage the four types of energy: physical, emotional, mental and being connected to something greater than oneself. I take the energy audit every month and pick a new habit to implement or improve upon in the following month.
Discussion Question:
What’s your favorite productivity tool that did not make it on this list?
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  • Dena Dahilig says:

    Great list! One of my favorite tools is a little iPhone & iPad app called Min To Go. It’s a basic countdown timer without the annoying alarm-like alarm. Instead a soothing voice says, “Your minutes have expired.” with a nice chime in the background. You can also preset up to four durations if you’d like, for tasks you do frequently (i.e. a 10 min break or 25 min pomodoro). Enjoying your blog… 🙂

    • enyonam says:

      Dena! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Great to see you here and glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog. I might have to check out Min To Go but I must admit .. the blare of the alarm that a pomodoro is done has come to be a really soothing sound for me 🙂

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