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You know that big hairy audacious goal you’re contemplating? The one that seems like it’s got all kinds of obstacles already set up to thwart your every effort? Yup, that one. Well guess what … it’s totally winnable.

It all comes down to your attitude and how you set yourself up for the win.

We’ve all heard a multitude of words when it comes to chasing those big hairy goals. We know we’ve got to have long-term thinking, discipline, willpower, fortitude, perseverance, hope, belief, resilience, and on and on.

Not at all easy to do those easily either. In fact, achieving those can sometimes feel as large as the obstacles you know will come your way.

But let’s face it, if these goals were easy, they would already have been achieved. Somebody would have already done it. Or we would have done it while sleepwalking. But that’s not the journey we’re setting ourselves up for when we’re going after the big dreams … the big goals. We’re setting ourselves up for the long journey. And there’s only one thing that I’ve seen keeps you getting back on the path towards that goal.

There’s one emotion that makes tackling every obstacle worth it. One emotion that gets your climbing back on your discipline or willpower or fortitude or perseverance bandwagon. One emotion that reminds you that the end goal is worth everything you are going through … time 10.

And that emotion, is passion.

Passion for what it is you are going to achieve.

So I always say that before you set off on your journey for that big hairy audacious goal, get passionate. And I’m not talking about a temporary excitement because you’re at the starting line and everyone and everything is looking so fresh and hopeful. I’m talking about the kind of passion that outweighs all the tough spots that will come along the way. The do-or-die kind of passion.

And to get that kind of passionate you have to be absolutely unequivocally crystal-clear about what you are gunning for. It must be super clear because believe you me almost everyone and everything around you will at some point challenge that goal … and sometimes more than once. There will be moments that what you’re shooting for seems unattainable … or worse, hazy and unsure. You can’t allow that. Not if you ever hope to get the destination.

To avoid that, you’ve got to get crystal-clear and then you’ve got to get absolutely passionate.

It’s the passion that will keep you on that path even when no one else sees it, and even when it seems incredibly treacherous.

What are you passionate about? Because whatever it is, that’s where you’re headed.


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