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Let’s face it … the computer age is bombarding us with information.

Each and every day we are deluged with information. News, blogs, twitter, forums, books to read, email, facebook, reports, twitter again, phone calls, conversation with friend, meeting notes, more news, more blogs already rolling in …. It’s incessant.

Each day on the internet, 2 million blog post are written. No, that was not a typo. 2 million blog posts in 24 hours.

Every day, over 864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube alone. That’s not including Vine or Vimeo.

Every day, over 532 million statuses are updated.

*Data Source: Katy Daniells 2012 “Infographic: 24 hours on the internet

What is to be done?

Now of course not all that information is necessary or even of interest.

And for the most part we use a management technique of ‘ignore’.  

But with that amount of information flying past, I propose that to efficiently deal with the deluge, you should take the time out to develop your information management strategy.

You do need to know what is happening in your community, your profession, your industry your country…. And you need to know in a timely manner. The world sometimes moves so fast that the value of the information can grow stale in hours or days.

The good news is that there are people who study this. They study how to access, process, store, retrieve and communicate information. It’s a whole science – informatics. And I know this because this has been one of my fields of study and practice. I became an informatician (or informaticist) particular because it seemed there needed to be a way to send less time getting more of the data we actually need, and when and where we need it.

So there is some great science out there, and if you want to develop a robust approach you’ll want to start looking out for specific tools and techniques from that field.

But otherwise,

  1. Accept you need an information management approach. Winging it is simply not enough. You want to figure out how to engineer your information delivery systems such that you are getting what you need … when you need it.
  2. Start keeping an eye and ear out for information management skills. A part of the realm of ‘productivity’, information management skills are an essential component of your productivity journey. They can have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of your decision making and on your ability to reach your outcomes.

And more to come from on these techniques as well.

Would be great to hear about your favorite information management technique! Do comment below.

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